'I AM' is a full-length musical theatre collaboration between songwriter Lauren Stamm, director Ted Watts Jr., playwright Ben Gouldthorpe, and with arrangements & orchestrations by Jacinta Clusellas. It explores the parallel stories of a gay high school senior and a lesbian guidance counselor struggling to coordinate their sexualities with the social norms of a late-90s conservative town in Eastern Pennsylvania. A love interest has Eli Whitaker conflicted as he prepares to accept a sports scholarship to a religiously-conservative college. Addison Baker is attempting to adopt her drug-addicted niece's infant daughter, but facing adversity due to her relationship with a woman. 


Our play relies on honest storytelling, raw direction, and deeply personal music to create theatre that is visceral and true. This piece has a strong soul and a deep and powerful core that will demand a unique approach to unlock its dramatic potential. 


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