Lauren Stamm is the creator and songwriter of I AM, a play with music. Throughout her own life experiences, Lauren consistently turned to music as a means of self expression and a source of healing. Discovering that the songs she had written over the course of nearly a decade told an important story, she created I AM, which explores the parallel stories of two main characters struggling to find personal fulfillment and acceptance.

Lauren currently resides in New York City, where she works as an on-set tutor to young actors and continues to bring her creation, I AM, to life.



Ted Watts Jr. is a director and educator, having directed over 50 productions regionally. Highlights include Sweeney Todd, Jesus Christ Superstar, Man of La Mancha, The Producers, Dutchman, Art,and A View from the Bridge. Ted holds a BA in musical theatre from Point Park University, and a MFA in directing from the Actors Studio Drama School. He has held directing positions at Pittsburgh CLO, Pittsburgh Musical Theatre, Duquesne University, and the Bucks County Playhouse.

Ted has been an instructor with Pittsburgh CLO, Pittsburgh Musical Theatre, and New York Film Academy. He has also had the privilege of serving on artistic panels for Carnegie Mellon University and teaching at Harvard University for the New York Film Academy. Ted is currently serving as the Education and Outreach Director for Musical Theatre West in Long Beach, California.



Ben Gouldthorpe is a Los Angeles based writer and independent filmmaker whose work has garnered attention from the Academy Nicholl Fellowship and Sundance Screenwriters Lab.  He holds an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts where he received the Charles Purpura Award for Excellence in Screenwriting and was recognized as a finalist for the Goldberg Playwriting Prize.  His recent projects include three independent features, a musical theater collaboration in pre-production for an off-Broadway premiere, and a successful short film initiative to build a playground for underprivileged kids in New Orleans.  

Additional Contributors

Orchestra Director | Jacinta Clusellas

Musical Director | Luke McGinnis

Alessio Romano | Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Studio 42 Brooklyn

Digital Producer | Genevieve Jacobsen
Video Editor | Zane Gould
Illustrator | Kate Nielsen

'I AM' CAST (featured in  "Light" Trailer Video)
Eli | DeMarius Copes
Addison | Fredi Bernstein
Lia | Allie Dobyns
James | Chris Medlin
Tessa | Melanie Stefan

MUSICIANS (featured in  "Light" Trailer Video)
Violin I | Audrey Hayes
Violin II | Lydia Yu-Lin Wang
Viola | Leonor Falcon
Cello | Rachel Gawell
Guitar | Jacinta Clusellas



Meredith Calfe
Tom & Sandi Scott
Maddie, Sydney, & Jack Berna
Barbara Levin &              Michael VanDzura
The Elliott-Bocassi’s
Melanie & Shane Gardiner
Hillary & John Shackelford
Jami Wold
Michelle Izbicki
Clay Dukes
Gary & Mary Lotz
The Schlanger Family
In Honor of Xavier J. Agemian
Kaelyn Mulligan &                Erick Delgado
Katie Wallis
Morgan E. Robinson
Laila Mirsepassi
Michael Laidley
Seth & Caroline Cumberledge
Emily Chesler
Colleen & Steve Fink
Danell & Mike Mulligan
The Van Auker Family
Susan & Scott Kinney        Megan McGowan

Mark & Katie Yeager
Bob & Rosemary Stamm
Samantha Plue
Shirley Watts
Ted Watts Sr. & Marti Troutner
Nikki Metzler
Peter & Cheryl Kibby
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Ed & Maureen Potts
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Auli’i & Pua Cravalho
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Derrick & Danielle Hulock
Britt East & Scott Van Gerpen
The D'Annunzio Family
Beth & Mattie Byrd McRist
Kevin & Elizabeth Fagan
Cristin Eick & Jes Czako
Aaron & Kelly Davis
Ken & Lauren Uhrich

Betsy Siddon                        Lisa R. Barnett
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Jill Weinstein                      Paula Gaumont
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